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What’s new, boogaloo?

Monday, January 15th, 2007

For a while, I was doing so well with doing real updates, but now we’re back to the ol’ list of things I’ve been doing…

I survived Christmas with the two families. I think it was probably scarier for Allison’s family than for me, since a food fight cooperation broke up, due to a loophole in my mom’s attempt to stop me from shooting whipped cream across the room. She said that your partner had to be within 3 feet, which turns out to be greater than the distance a can of whipped cream can shoot horizontally. Incidentally, we did discover that holding a can of whipped cream three feet above someone’s head can get it pretty close to into their mouth. And in their hair, but that’s a small price to pay.

Allison and I rung in the new year with Rachel and her family in Minnesota, where Rachel scored us a last-minute snow storm after a couple of days of boring weather. We played Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls and Munchkin, went for a walk in the snow, ate at Al’s Breakfast (still home to the best omelet I’ve ever eaten), shopped at the Mall of America, had yummy Indian food, and had a jolly good time. Some photos from the trip. I’m counting the days until Rachel comes out again in February, which happens to be one day before Stephie to visit.

Work has been crazy busy, but still exciting. I spent a couple of days this week on Bangalore time, which was exhausting. I’m getting too old to work at midnight. So different from a few years ago when I did my best work after 10pm.

Speaking of exhausting, I’ve been going to Community Bootcamp 5 days a week, which has been kicking my ass (in a good way!). I’m also going to start running again, training for Bay To Breakers in May (although it sounds like Blake won’t be able to run with me this year) and The Relay in July, which I’ll be running as part of a Yahoo! team (and don’t think I won’t be hitting y’all up for donations for Organs R Us). I’m trying to get back to my fighting weight again, since I’ve been putting on a couple of pounds lately.

In less painful news, I bought myself a mandolin:
My mandolin
It just came on Friday, but I’m already getting the hang of it. Within an hour, I had a couple of chords down and could play the verse/chorus of Will Hoge’s “(Better Off) Now That You’re Gone” (first three chords in my book were C, G, and F) as well as Glen Phillips’ Duck and Cover (I suppose that having a lyric from a song tattooed on your body makes you more likely to play it each time you pick up an instrument). I’ve started learning Losing My Religion (well, what song do YOU think of when you think of a mandolin?), and that’s been going pretty well. Once I got the bridge height figured out, the hardest thing has been tuning (and retuning) it. With the pairs of strings, being even slightly out of tune really stands out. Who wants to jam?

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An update

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

A bunch of things, since I’ve been forgetting to post lately:

  • Vance Degeneres has joined Cowboy Mouth to replace the recently-departed Paul Sanchez. It sounds like the Mouth will be in California early next year. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen them, so I’m excited.
  • Exercise last week was a complete success. So far, I’m also on track for this week. I’m contemplating training for either a marathon or a half-marathon. My joints and I need to have a long talk about whether or not it’s worth it.
  • Yahoo! has announced a big reorganization. I don’t know much more than what’s in the press. I’m sure Valleywag knows more than I do (or at least thinks they do).
  • So far, my holiday time has been booked with spending time with Allison’s family, running to the airport to meet Ashlee during her layover on Christmas Eve, then heading to Minneapolis for New Year’s. If anyone else wants to see me, book your time now. I’ve a very busy guy. ;-)
  • Recent music purchases of Brian Vander Ark, Paul Sanchez, Pete Droge, and Minibar have all been pleasing on the ears.

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“Congratulations to BryanAdams”…

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Today as a celebration for all the hard work we’ve put in, our engineering team went to play laser tag. We all had to pick our code names. It was a tough decision after Shrish picked “ChukNorris”. Because I was wearing my Bryan Adams t-shirt (where he is playing the bass, which amuses Daniel greatly), the laser tag guy pointed out to me that BryanAdams was still available. How could I pass that chance up? I referred to him as “Canada’s greatest export”, so I think the guy was under the impression I was a huge fan, rather than someone who got a Bryan Adams shirt thrown in when he bought a Springsteen shirt on eBay.

So when it comes to laser tag, I rock. The first game was solo and I won that. The second game was a team game and my team won by almost 700 points and I was the top scorer. In the third game, I slipped to second because Tom and I got into a sniping war. Sad.

Still, I think the real Bryan Adams would be pleased, especially when I shot Rock and asked him if it “cuts like a knife”. Sadly, Bryan Adams song reference are underappreciated.

In exercise news, I walked both there and back (about 5 miles in total), and then worked up quite a sweat in the three games, so that totally counts as exercise. Tomorrow is the 5k “Turkey Trot” at work, so we’ll see how badly I die.

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Yahoo! Autos Green Center launched

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

Oops, I forgot to blog about this last week when it happened. We launched the Green Center last week. It’s been an exciting project to work on, and it’s great to see a company like Yahoo! bringing focus to more environmentally-friendly vehicles such as hybrids, ethanol, biodiesel, and natural gas (as well as future techs like electric and hydrogen). And of course, the design looks fantastic.

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Let me explain…

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

Wait, baby, stop yelling. I haven’t been seeing another blog, I swear! No, I’m not using my LiveJournal or MySpace. I haven’t even posted that much on MoreCooler! You know you’re the only one for me. Hey hey, put down that frying pan. Let’s talk about this. I promise I’ll come see you more. Once a week? Okay, I can do that. No, really, I can. Give me a chance. Okay, let me explain where I’ve been for the last couple of months.


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When I grow up, I want to be a buzz marketing campaign

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

I am so amused by this. I work with Ben, so the idea that he doesn’t exist amuses me to no end. Although I have always suspected that he was some sort of non-existant marketing tool.

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Pointing a finger

Friday, August 25th, 2006

So I know I haven’t been updating much lately. And I feel bad. No, really, I do. Sure, not bad enough to do anything about it, but when I’m not sitting here writing for both of you to read, I’m feeling guilt. Despite that, I have found a scapegoat. Rachel. Now, hear me out. We send many an e-mail, and they’re quite detailed. This post is not an exaggeration of how specific our daily recaps are. It’s actually a bit of an understatement. So once I’ve told every mind-numbing detail of the last 2 hours of my day to Rachel, it seems wasteful to come over here and post the same details. I contemplate just cut and pasting from my e-mails to Rachel, but the archives of this site will make it apparent that I rarely do that. So what have I been up to? Well, let’s see.

  • Work- Things have been busy. Our first partner, has starting using our vBulletin-based event calendar plug-in. We spent a lot of time (and headaches) getting this working, and I’ve learned far more about the inner workings of VB than I ever wanted to. It’s really exciting to see it live, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new features rolled out soon on this and other sites. Also, I’m going to be working on another Autos project starting mid-September for a few weeks. It’ll be fun to get back to building new pages for a change after working in more of a maintenance mode lately.
  • Travel- Earlier this month, Allison and I flew back east to her family reunion. So on top of meeting the parents, I met about 20 other people as well. I’m proud to say I even know who at least 40% of them are. ;-) There were kids to play with, which was fun. We also did the ever-popular Mentos and Diet Coke experiment, which led to my YouTube debut (more of a cameo, but I’ll take what I can get). I think they liked me, or at least pretended to. Allison says that, much like Kix cereal, I’m “kid tested, mother approved”.
  • Poker- I’ve taken a liking to the game over the last few months (based on our weekly game after work) and have started playing regularly on because they had the best new player bonus (I’m MaskdAvenger on there, if you want to come play with me). I’m about even, but have seen some improvement in my playing lately. I still do stupid things, but it’s all in the name of learning.
  • Other stuff- Yahoo! company picnic, where I won a stuffed monkey. AppSig company picnic at the Santa Cruz boardwalk, where I ate horribly unhealthy food and went on rides. Helping Allison move, which could easily be confused with “Sitting on her couch using her laptop to write this post” to the untrained eye.

I think that’s the highlights. Now I’m just killing time till it’s time to pick up Rachel from the airport. I’m sure she’ll come defend herself before the 48-hour statute of limitations on “defending your honor on the Internet” ends. Otherwise my accusation of responsibility becomes fact. At least that’s how it works on The O’Reilly Factor.

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Exercise makes me tiiiiired

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

I officially survived Bay to Breakers on Sunday. Despite inconsistent training for the last few weeks and some unhealthy eating, I managed to finish the race with a start line to finish line time of 1:19:43. Blake and I got a late start, so my gun time was higher, but that’s not the point. The point is that I ran 7.48 miles in less than 80 minutes (including the time it took to dodge the walking costumed people we were stuck behind, which slowed down our pace). Thats 2 miles further than I’ve ever run before (see, I told you I wasn’t training hard enough). Blake was also nice enough to offer me a water bottle from his trunk, though we noticed it had expired in 1998, thus making the water about 10 years old. Despite this, I am still looking at running a 6 mile race with him this summer, and possible entering another 5k. I’m not sure that I want to be on an intense exercise routine, but I do want to lose this last bit of weight and planning races will keep me motivated to run.

Some general event photos and the photos of me that I am too cheap to purchase.

Today, we had an off-site at City Beach for our engineering organization. We did some team-building exercises that I wasn’t too thrilled with, but afterward, we got to do whatever we wanted. I ended up playing basketball for 2 1/2 hours, which has made my feet incredibly angry with me. Actually, I was really surprised how well I held up, considering that I expected to be pretty sore today because it’s two days after that crazy run.

Now I’m going to collapse on the couch.

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No really, we didn’t start the fire

Friday, April 21st, 2006

Fate decided to have a giggle today. Around 12:30, an alarm went off telling us to evacuate the building. Guess which floor had a microwave that set off the smoke detector? Yeah, you guessed it. So there’s two competing theories. Either Jerry and I are being framed, or Star Witness believed us and put foil in the microwave. Or someone burned their lunch, but that’s just silly.

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We didn’t start the fire…

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

If a microwave fire occurs on the 6th floor, Jerry and I are going to be prime suspects. Yesterday morning, I went to get hot water for my tea, and the machine was empty because someone had turned off the water flow for some reason. This is the conversation that resulted between Jerry, myself, and the man I’ll call “the prosecution’s star witness”:

Bryce: “We’re out of hot water. Now what am I going to do?”
Star Witness: “You could have coffee.”
Bryce: “But I don’t like coffee.” ::wanders around the kitchen aimlessly::
Star Witness: “Microwave?”
Bryce: “I don’t have anything except the styrofoam cup to heat it in. How likely is it to catch on fire?”
Star Witness: ::Looks concerned::
Jerry: “I do it all the time!”
Bryce: “How often does it catch on fire?”
Jerry: “Just once.”
Star Witness: ::Eyes get wider::
Bryce: “Those are good odds. Besides, it’s not like it’s MY microwave.”
Star Witness: ::Backs away slowly::
Bryce: “Hey, look. We have a second microwave! If this first one goes up in flames, we’ll still have another one.”
Jerry: “Ooh, and it’s an old one. It looks like the kind that can take foil.”

The defense enters a plea of not guilty by reason of sarcasm, Your Honor.

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