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In the latest issue of This is True, list owner Randy Cassingham linked to a piece about the Columbine massacre, written in 1999 by Dan Savage (of the Savage Love fame). I hadn’t seen it before, and I found Savage’s thoughts to be very interesting.

"The motivations of the two killers," [the cover story on Columbine in] People continued, "were hard to fathom." Actually, I had no problem fathoming Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold’s motives. While I didn’t suffer the extreme abuse some of my friends did, I was fucked with enough to spend four years fantasizing about blowing up my high school and everyone in it. I can only imagine the scenarios that must have rolled through Marty’s head on a daily basis. Watching SWAT teams inch their way toward Columbine High, I wasn’t shocked that something like this could happen in a high school. I was shocked that something like this hadn’t happened at any of mine.

Savage doesn’t aim to excuse or justify the actions of those two boys, but he does bring a perspective that was absent in the mainstream media at the time. I was lucky to not have a high school experience like his.

As you can see, this blog continues its timely coverage of current events. In the future, you can look forward to my thoughts on Y2K, 9/11, and the Bush/Gore election.

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