On Todd’s recommendation, I finally saw Once this weekend and, to use a line from the movie, it’s fucking brilliant. It was beautiful little film, and everyone should see it. I was going to write more, but now I’m dead tired, so instead I’ll go hum Falling Slowly as I get ready for bed.

Sidenote: The amount of time I’ve had this DVD in my possession demonstrates that I am really not getting my money’s worth out of Netflix, so I think I’m going to discontinue my subscription. Goodbye, red paper envelopes.

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12 Responses to “Once”

  1. Stephie Says:

    Oh, that really is an awesome little movie. Really, really well done. And in other news - I can’t believe that I actually saw this movie before you.

  2. bryce Says:

    I can. I hardly see any movies any more, and am totally out of touch with what comes out. By the way, thanks for telling me about it when you saw it. :-P

  3. Allison Says:

    Let me know if you need me to translate the Czech for you… (Especially the part where he asks, “Do you love him?” and she answers in Czech.)

  4. bryce Says:

    Yes, please!

    And can you translate all the English to Czech for me too?

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